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  The Nature of Reality, TRIADA, Transformation Wave , TELOS - Your... mehr
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The Nature of Reality,
Transformation Wave
TELOS - Your Spaceship,

SELF & Person,
The Cosmic Battle of Today
Breakdown of Civilization


T H E   S E C R E T

You hold a great secret within you, my friend.
Every day you carry it in you, for every second.
It is closer to you than your breath.

I name it: The secret of existence. Listen to my speech and examine it with the truth of your heart.
What I tell you, you already know it. I have only found the words for it….

The Human, who you are, which looks at you daily from the mirror – it is like a leaf from a mighty tree.
You are this individual leaf. Now, do you still know that you are also the branch underneath it?
Indeed, you are the branch. And you are also the whole tree.

You are the peak of the iceberg.
You are also the whole iceberg and the water, which freezes into the iceberg.
And you are also the vast ocean…

Your heart knows exactly what I mean. You have several levels of your existence.
You as a person are only one of them.

As a person you are unique, dense, impermanent. As SELF you are eternal, far-reaching, self-born.
As SELF you create the space, the time and yourself in it.
You are person, you are SELF, you are BEING – and still a pair of miracles in between….

The great secret of your eternal existence is:
You are the ENTIRE Jacob’s ladder, my friend – not only a step of it.

And already the wave roars, unbelieving: I am not the entire ocean, I am only a tiny billow!
As ocean, you reply coolly: Oh, wave!
Do you see anywhere a separation between us? Isn’t everything the same water?

And already the leaf whispers: For God’s sake! I am not the big trunk of the tree!
I am not the gnarled root in the deep darkness of the underworld!

I mean exactly that.
Leaves flutter in the wind. It is part of their nature.
As a leaf you cannot truly understand everything.
But as a tree, my friend, as a tree…





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